Sep 24, 2010


back to that t-shirt… it doesn't really apply, but today, ironically, i wore it, and it feels like it does.

or maybe i just hate myself.


first of all, i'm thinking i have the wrong Brant. his personality is just not lining up, his major isn't right, his age doesn't seem right… sigh.

i could be wrong.

or i could be right.

i'm just going to wait it out and see what happens there. but i feel like i've turned into a detective instead of an investigator. mission isn't solved, nor is it anywhere closer to being done. it's just changed.

today—this is funny—was another debate in ethics class. they debated if online game addictions was the  fault of the manufacturers. Personally, i think it's the individual's problem.


they all had good arguments, there were some good speakers and some bad speakers, and they all finished pretty well. then they sat down for the entire class to vote on their own personal convictions of the topic.

and the best part of the day: "Who thinks that manufacturers are morally responsible for the addiction of the gamers?"

*crickets, no hands go up*

*everyone looks around*

*everyone bursts out laughing.*

"who doesn't have an opinion?"

*two hands*

"who thinks it's the gamer's problem?"

*everyone—minus two—puts their hands up.*

my teacher wrote "lots" for the answer.

it was hilarious.

and as far as Jace…


stumbled across him in the dining hall. we talked for a while, which was fun. of course he's pretty much always fun to talk to. he mentioned missions trips with his church a few times.

that sorta surprised me. honestly i don't know if i'm more concerned or relieved. there's a chance he knows the truth—not the watered down truth, the real truth. but i'm not going to bank on that. instead, i'm going to look for evidences in his life.

of course, it took me a week and a half to establish this much, so i'm thinking the evidence is right there. i'm just going to keep praying that i get a chance to witness to him and that God softens his heart.

i'm going to see a show tonight with a friend from church :) i'm pretty excited about that. it's like an irish family of singers or something… idk. but i ADORE irish music.

i am also gonna sign up for the 5K run—and yes i'm getting a t-shirt—not only because my cjs teacher is giving extra credit, but because i want to do it.

it'll require me to master taping my knee again, though.

it's been so long since i've done it, that i've nearly forgotten. it's a little off centre right now. but i'll get it with practice. of course i only re-tape it once a week, since that's how long the tape lasts.


i got my split back!!!! not nearly the full split i had when i was dancing, but it's something.

and i'm working on some awesome knitting projects.

so there you go.

i got a 100% on my cjs test :D :D so excited. now i just have to pass my other classes.

aaaaaand i just ate my last pop-tart. so i'm gonna have to get some more.

idk if i'm anywhere near my supposed weight or not, because the scale at the gym still says i'm 120 soaking wet with shoes on. and there's just no way that's right.

even though i have been back to salad and granola every day for lunch and dinner.


i'm going to go to starbucks and study. then to the gym. then shower and come back here and then meet my friend and go listen to awesome irish music.

and pray hard for Jace whenever i remember to. please join me on that one.


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