Sep 25, 2011


knitting from the heart….get it?


Sep 19, 2011

I DONT WANT TO GET UP. I WANT TO SLEEP ALL DAY. grrrrrrr. &$1=\$87"&'\\;=&'\5\.

Sep 18, 2011


so you know how in novels when the girl is really sad and she can't stop crying and she doesn't know why so the guy stays up on the phone with her and sings her songs and tells her funny stories so she can calm down and go to sleep?

they're real. and I've got one for a boyfriend.

okay any guy readers: this is going to be awkward…

my period is driving me crazy. I had it two weeks ago. I had it two weeks before that. and if I'm PMSing again (which it sure felt like I was) that means I'll have another one after three weeks. this isn't fair. not at all. RAWR!!!

I need a caramel machiatto. with extra caramel.

Sep 8, 2011



so stupid mobile blogger isn't letting me post more than a page. and anyone who knows me or who has been following this blog very long knows I'm just a little wordy, so I don't do the whole 160 characters thing.

here's what's been going on with me lately:

Friday the 2, Sis and I went home for the weekend for Labor Day after her classes, so we didn't leave until 2:30-ish. We stopped on our way home and I got to see John for about an hour and a half. it was almost torture because I wanted to stay forever but it was already about 9:00pm, and we couldn't stay any longer.

Saturday was a bit of a blur, I remember sleeping in but not much else. But that evening John called me, and we talked for a while. he asked me a funny question: "when does your church service start?" shortly thereafter he said he was going to visit last year's roommate the next day, and his roommate lives in my hometown. I was thinking "yeah okay you're driving two hours to see your roommate who hasn't spoken to you in several months, but you aren't mentioning visiting me, even though I live fifteen minutes away. you're hiding something."

turns out he was.

Because Sunday he showed up for church.

this brought me immense joy. I knew he'd be there, but it still made me so happy. I sat through sunday school thinking "I thought he would be here. it was so obvious." I even saw a car like his drive up. I got all panicky but it wasn't him.

of course I turned around and checked later, just as he was coming through the door…which is something I've been doing lately. it's like I can sense when he's around me. he hasn't snuck up on me once.

Yes. I was very happy. I asked him why he came and he was like "duh, I came to talk to your dad."


anyway, he did, and he got my dad's permission to peruse me, so we're officially "dating". which is weird because this time last year I was telling people I was going to have an arranged marriage. which was more of a "approved courtship with adult supervision" anyway, but that's such a mouthful.

I miss my boyfriend… (that's weird. I have a boyfriend. this is so weird.) I won't see him until Thanksgiving.

Sep 6, 2011

Stupid mobile blogger. Some of my posts are getting lost. I dont want to get up but ive got a buttload of stuff to do this morning... i hate being responsable.