Apr 12, 2011

The List

This is The List. "The list?" you ask? The List of attributes I am looking for in a husband and that I will not settle for anyone who doesn't meet most or all of the required items on The List.

I encourage you to make your own list. you can steal from mine if you so wish.

I shall update as additions are made.

1. Wants to be with me because of the kind of person I am

2. Calls me just to talk

3. Will study or read the bible with me

4. Will pray with me

5. Makes me want to be a better person

6. doesn't think I'm cute or hot or sexy but thinks I'm beautiful

7. likes to cuddle :)

8. loves kids and wants lots of them

9. makes me feel so lucky and blessed just to be his friend

10. wants to be my best friend and know everything about me

11. will visit me if he doesn't live nearby

12. stubborn enough to pursue me even though I'll probably avoid him for a month or two…

13. makes me—under God—his top priority

14. willing to speak to my father in person and will drive to my hometown.

15. be captivated by me

16. needs me and thinks he can do anything if I support him

17. will stand up for me and defend me immediately and for everything

18. has a high respect for books. The printed ones.

19. Wants to read my stories

20. Will hold me when I cry

21. Loves to sing with me—or to me

22. Won't ask what's wrong, he'll just be there

23. Isn't annoyed by me or scared away

24. Authoritative leader

25. Will put up with my rambling on and on about my characters and ballet and books and everything else I love to ramble about…

26. An important requirement: loves hugs.

27. Can have a conversation without making a sexual reference

28. Sets goals and finishes well.

29. One word: Chivalrous

30. Will sharpen and lead me spiritually

31. Serious about Holiness

32. Honest


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