Apr 5, 2011


so the problem with Jace is I feel like I need to distance myself from him so I don't like, I dunno, start drooling every time I see him, but I also feel like avoiding him will cause problems. and I don't need another voldemort on my hands. (for those of you who know that backstory. ugh.) and I feel guilty because he's my friend, and I like to actually spend time with my friends.

I'm still praying about it a lot. I just don't know what to do in the meantime while I'm trying to figure it out.jace

I have also decided that jace—the real jace from Mortal Instruments—is my favorite contemporary literary hero. or maybe he's a villain. I don't know. he's a disaster but I adore him.

on a totally random note… so I have these stick-on plastic speech bubbles on my door with special crayons you can use to write on them. someone keeps writing silly things on them. and I made pouch to hold the crayons out of paper and duct tape (I'm a very creative person) and the person put a clump of burnt pop-corn in the pouch today.

at first I thought it was flowers.

I'm really getting curious as to who it is. I hope it's a girl being silly. if it's a guy life will just get that much more complicated.

because that's the kind of guy I'd fall for: one who leaves clumps of burnt pop-corn at my door just to be obnoxious.


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