Apr 19, 2011

"you'd better start sending names."

Yeah. so I've mentioned the arranged marriage thing up here before, right?

*crickets chirp and readers get weird facial expressions.*

ooookayyy I guess not.

So my dad is picking my husband. not like I'll show up on my wedding day and get married kind of thing, but I want him involved in the process. He's smarter, wiser, more mature, and is an outside perspective (whereas I loose my head easily). and it's good accountability.

so one afternoon mom was like "You'd better start sending dad some names so we can start checking them out."

and I was like "Yeah ok. let me send you the long list of guys who want to marry me."


you see them all in there, waiting anxiously?


remember the whole scaring people away thing? what have I not talked about that either? besides Voldemort I've managed to scare off a bunch of my friends.

or maybe they were never really my friends in the first place.

(depressingly inspired from Nacho).


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