Jun 27, 2010

My sister just totally made my life easier

Because she found my journal. I was beginning to get scared because I couldn't find it anywhere. I thought I'd left it out of town… that would have caused problems.

but she found it

and i'm happy.

I've always wondered what I'll do with my journals. I have at least 10 of them so far. Maybe I'll put them in a box and hide them. and a hundred years after I die someone will find them and publish them.

but definitely after I'm dead. Very very dead.

And I've always wondered three things:

  1. How will they be able to read my handwriting
  2. since sometimes I lose a journal (or two. or three) how will they keep them in order
  3. i forgot the other one.

Those (except the last one) are the things i think about.

but not all the time. because i think about a lot of other stuff most of the time. one of these days i'll make a list of all the random stuff that goes through my head on a day to day basis.

one day.


Jun 20, 2010

bathtubs, dreams, and kitchen sinks

Hey I'm getting good at that three word title!

So last Friday we had our kitchen sink and our bathtub refinished. They were both so bad and worn down that you couldn't get them clean, no matter how hard you scrubbed.

so we got them re-done. now they're beautiful! except that it made the house smell really bad for a while, and I'm extremely sensitive to chemicals… but I survived. quite obviously.

Then I've been having these dreams. I already told you about Aliens and Amusement parks. (hey that's a good title, too… might right that book!)

Last night it was spider-boy. it's about these people who can turn into spiders. this guy is a "quirk" as they call them, and can turn into a spider. but he falls in love with a girl who abhors spiders. there's a funny scene where he chases her around in his spider-self and she locks herself into her car, and then he changes back and picks the lock of her car and she's still freaking out and stuff… but anyway. not quite sure what happened because I woke up.

And then lastly, I've gotten eight chapters of that book I was writing up on Scribd. However, since it's tied to my real identity, there will be no link. You'll just have to find it yourself ;) (or e-mail me).

I want to publish it some day. Because of that, I'm taking down the except I put up last time. I want to publish it because "Brad" shared something special with me, and it impacted me enough to write a book about it. So shouldn't I share that book with other people?

I'll try.

Not until I'm out of college, but still. I'll try.


Jun 16, 2010

French blogger and freaky dreams involving imaginary friends and cute singers

So I just changed my blogger settings so that everything is in French. I just felt like it. Maybe I'm having a random moment. Maybe I'm in a bad mood and feel like being rebellious. Maybe I'm just... like that. I love how in English it says "Edit HTML" and in French it says "MODIFIER LE CODE HTML." and you can seriously read French even if you don't know it.

Because most of the French language is congnates.

Example: Modifier = Modify. Examain=Examination (test). Publier = Publish.
stuff like that.

Dad wants us to get up at 7am tomorrow. I laughed. He said he doesn't want us to sleep away our summer.

I want to sleep away my summer.

I didn't sleep all through the school year, now I want to have a chance to sleep before I go to college. Maybe save up some sleep... if that's possible... probably not.


and of course, now that I'm sleeping more, I'm dreaming more.

For instance:

Last night, I dreamed that me and my family and my best friend (who doesn't actually exist?) and... Tim Foreman?... (fine by me...)... went to an amusement park. Turns out it was run by aliens. the aliens wanted to kill us all, so we started to escape. Well... mom got this thing on her thumb, it looked like a door hinge wrapped around it. Every time I tried to get it off, it hurt her, so I left it on, assuming it was a brace for a broken thumb. It was actually a tracker.

So we--my friend who doesn't actually exst, Tim Foreman who is one of the singers in my favorite band, and my mom (because everyone else is still stuck inside the building) start leaving and I discover this thing is a tracker (who knows how. Maybe in my dreams I'm clairvoyant) . so I have to leave my mom behind because otherwise they'll find us. My best friend--whose name is Jake, by the way-- had disappeared. I'm worried he's been kidnapped. So now it's me and Tim. We head off and get farther but he breaks his leg. I have to leave him. Keep in mind this is in the middle of the wilderness.

And I go and I have to find help and rescue all of them before the aliens kill all my friends and family--some of whom exist, some of whom don't, and some of whom I've never met and will probably never have the chance to. *tear for Tim.*--and I'm doing this and

And I wake up and it's 9:30. nobody woke me up.


Well that's me for you.



haha I changed it back. I like ladybugs too much :P

Played around with layouts today

I had fun playing with my layout today. I like to change my layout once a month if not more. I don't actually say "ok! time to change it!" it's more like "eh bored…ooooh that's pretty!" and I just change it.

Because change is good…right?



Jun 11, 2010

money must be funny in a rich man's world

Guess how much my new laptop for school is gonna cost me?


WOW. ok. breathe…

naw it's ok because see, I got this check from FAFSA, and I never used it (it was money from the community college semester) so I'm using it for the computer and other school expenses. It's gonna take about half the FAFSA check to cover it. Still, I've got another $1500 left for school expenses.

the new computer is discounted through the university, so I get free service and stuff. and I upgraded it so that I get extra RAM and space on my hard drive, AND a webcam and a microphone.

So I can talk to my friends and family on Skype and save minutes.

I never should have bought the cell phone… naw I do need it actually. People always want your number and up until a week ago, I didn't have one. My old one kept getting stolen. the stupid thing was stolen four or five times. The irony is, every time i got it back, no calls had been made and no texts had been sent. It was like they stole it for the sake of stealing it, and decided it was worthless.

or maybe, it just was worthless, and they couldn't figure out how to use it.

Anyway, I put a lock on my new one so that if anyone did steal it, they couldn't use it. mwahahahha!


back to the computer

see, I need a new one because the old one shuts off randomly… because it's full of dust. so it overheats and shuts off. in the middle of stuff.

Thank you God for emergency document recovery!

so that's a lot of money. i don't make a lot of money. I didn't even make enough last year to file for taxes last year.

But God provides. He gives me exactly what I need for today.

Done rambling. and I have a smile on my face. that's nice.


Jun 10, 2010

Dogs with hair cuts, whistling sisters, and free cars.

hehe did it again.

dog got a hair cut. and WOW! He looks different. We did it one year and they cut everything except his head… and he looked really strange. We decided we'd never do it again.

But he's so hot this year! so we got him shaved again. they did a better job… but still. My golden retriever now looks like a yellow lab with a fluffy head. He's a lot cooler, too. He's not panting all the time, and he even smells good!

So I'm in a reasonably good mood today. I'm up on my reviews on my other blog, I haven't missed any deadlines lately, my sister got braces so she can no longer whistle and drive me crazy all the time, and my dog smells good.

the cats are still idiots, though. We gotta do something about them…

And we got a new car. a family from our church just… gave it to us. because they inherited two other cars, so they would have had four cars for two drivers. We have two cars for three (going on four) drivers, so they gave us their old car. YAY! now we don't have to play car shuffle!

and the new one…. HAS A CD PLAYER! yay! Now I can listen to switchfoot and weezer while I drive instead of the only stupid radio station in our area (which, although it's Christian music, half of the music is lame and the other half of the air time is commercials.)

So yeah… i'm having a pretty good day. Let's see how long this lasts.


Jun 9, 2010

Braces, ice cream, and and other things that make my eyes pop wide

How's that for a three-phrase title?

We found out the other day that the boy (little brother) needs braces. Badly.

he's really worried it'll hurt. it will… but the first four days or so are bad, and then it gets better. He said "oh no! I won't be able to eat anymore!"

Mom said "don't worry, I'll get you pudding and yogurt and ice-cream—"

His eyes popped to like… the size of silver dollars. He said "If you get me ice cream, I'm not telling you when my teeth feel better!"

such a boy.


Jun 8, 2010

So occasionally I am proud of myself

So today I was editing my layout of my other blog, and I wanted something cool for the block quote. But… it didn't have html for the block quote. So I had to add it myself. And then figure out how to edit it also.

Needless to say it was scary. Because when you have a blog with over 300 readers and all of a sudden the html goes WACKY you don't know what to do…

but i got it. and I'm happy.

I'm also happy because yesterday I deposited my money from FAFSA. and my paychecks. that was almost $3000 in the bank. FOR COLLEGE! WOOT! It'll go toward my new computer.

Because see, this one breaks. it shuts off at random times. it has nothing to do with the battery, and it has nothing to do with overheating… so idk what it's problem is.

but i will get a new one.



Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging

is a very inspiring title.

I haven't read the book, but it's a very popular series… the point is, it's now common to use weird silly and inspiring phrases in the title of a book. For instance:

Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging

Boys, Bears, and a serious pair of hiking boots

Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie

Wolves, Boys, and Other things that might kill me



So I'm beginning to think I might use something funny, long, and with three words for the title of the book I'm writing… because these titles stick out and say "remember me!" and that's what I want for my story, too.

only I want it to be better than snogging, wolves, pie, and hiking boots.

just me rambling.

:) <3

Jun 7, 2010

Weird? awkward? maybe?

Is it weird that someone can look at my layout and just know that it's my blog?

well… not if we've known each other our whole lives.

still. it's weird for someone to know the name of the writer of an anonymous blog just because of the ladybugs. unless it's your best friend. then maybe not.

or maybe I'm just thinking too much again.

stop thinking!!!

I'm almost healthy, though. I get to go to goodwill and then Wal-Mart today. I also cleaned the kitchen. I've never been so excited about cleaning the kitchen in my life. I went all out and scrubbed EVERYTHING. and the whole time I was thinking "I'm not coughing! I can breathe! I can walk without getting dizzy! YAHOO!"

Yeah. it was great.

Time to go to Wal-Mart. I think I might get me some chocolate… or maybe not, since I'd like to keep my "sick weight."

yeah… my legs haven't looked this good in years. I guess pneumonia does have it's advantages.

Jun 6, 2010



ooh! it works. yay. I can use Windows Live writer to publish my blog without even logging in to blogger. yay!!!


The thing about being sick is...

The thing about being sick, is that you can't really do anything. I've had pneumonia for over a week. I finally got antibiotics on Thursday so I am feeling better, and I'm not coughing as much. But still... All I've done all week(s) is lay in bed. I've read a few books... but not a ton.

And the thing about being sick is that you're tired, and your body aches. So yesterday I heard this beep noise. And see I have this "thing" about my cell phone... it's always missing. I lost one way back in April, and I haven't seen it since. But yesterday I swear I heard it beeping at me. Which is odd because it should be out of batteries right now... right?


anyway, I had my dad move the dresser out and there was all this dog hair... like I can't even express how much dog hair there was. Probably enough to make a whole second dog. So I started cleaning. And when I willingly start cleaning... I don't stop until I'm done. So my sister walks in and she was like "oooooh can you rearange the room while you're at it! I trust you, do what you want." so I did.

Lame idea.

because see, now, the next morning, my legs and back are aching even more.

but that's ok, see, because I can't do anything except lay in bed anyway.

and knit. I've been doing some knitting... I'm making these long-wristed mitten things out of fingering yarn on size eight needles, so that it's really thing and lacy, mostly for decoration. Idk if it'll work... but it should be interesting.

I think I might paint my nails today.

Oh! except for I don't have a nail file and chewing on your fingernails requires you to have a nail file so you can fix your ugly nails. Plus I don't want to draw too much attention to my hand, because I am picking at my one thumb again. it's always that thumb... anyway. It's not really bad. I'm not bleeding.


I'm going to go lay in bed and do nothing.

And the thing about being sick is, because you can't do anything, you lay in bed and... lose weight. At Christmas, I was 135. by April, I was 127-ish. Today, I am exactly 120.4. I'm five-foot eight. That's pretty darn good. Now how do I keep that when I get well?...... hahahhahaha no i wont. Here's why: As soon as I'm well, I'm starting my physical training. I've learned a lot about exercise from dancing for five years. So I'm putting together a training plan for one month, the month of june, and I'll see how fast I can build up. I want to put on about ten pounds of muscle by the end of the summer.

Because see, police officers can't be skinny wimpy stick figures. And that's what I feel like right now. Granted I sure don't look like one--my butt is still too big!--but I feel like one.

But that's probably because I've been laying in bed for two weeks!

I'm going to bed.

Jun 5, 2010

Did the layout

I love playing with layouts and such... so today I found a cute template. I made a button and a profile picture to go with it. So if you're into that stuff, grab a button.

I'm so excited for school... so excited.

Made the Choice

We just made the choice about where I’m going to school. It’s up in the mountains of North Carolina. It’s BEAUTIFUL and I love it.

I visited the school a while back. I went to a church out there and… well I saw something that impacted me quite a lot. Maybe I’ll share it some time.

But anyway, the school is great. When I walked on campus it was like God was saying “So… this is where you’re going.”

and I was like “ok…” (because I had a different school in mind for a first choice… but I like this one a lot more now.)

And I think I know why God wants me there. It was because of what someone did at the church I went to. It really encouraged me in ways I can’t express. I never got a chance to thank him.

Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

so I'm new to all this

I’ve been a homeschooler all my life. So next semester I’m going to be going full time to a college… and I want to (try) to blog about it every day. I'm not using my real name… and that’s ok. The point is, I want to be able to share everything I think without worrying about what other people think about me. It’s not a second identity, it’s a second name that enables me to be free with my words.

So we’ll see if this works or not. Who knows? I might give up. But I really don’t like giving up. I don’t consider myself a quitter.