Jun 16, 2010

French blogger and freaky dreams involving imaginary friends and cute singers

So I just changed my blogger settings so that everything is in French. I just felt like it. Maybe I'm having a random moment. Maybe I'm in a bad mood and feel like being rebellious. Maybe I'm just... like that. I love how in English it says "Edit HTML" and in French it says "MODIFIER LE CODE HTML." and you can seriously read French even if you don't know it.

Because most of the French language is congnates.

Example: Modifier = Modify. Examain=Examination (test). Publier = Publish.
stuff like that.

Dad wants us to get up at 7am tomorrow. I laughed. He said he doesn't want us to sleep away our summer.

I want to sleep away my summer.

I didn't sleep all through the school year, now I want to have a chance to sleep before I go to college. Maybe save up some sleep... if that's possible... probably not.


and of course, now that I'm sleeping more, I'm dreaming more.

For instance:

Last night, I dreamed that me and my family and my best friend (who doesn't actually exist?) and... Tim Foreman?... (fine by me...)... went to an amusement park. Turns out it was run by aliens. the aliens wanted to kill us all, so we started to escape. Well... mom got this thing on her thumb, it looked like a door hinge wrapped around it. Every time I tried to get it off, it hurt her, so I left it on, assuming it was a brace for a broken thumb. It was actually a tracker.

So we--my friend who doesn't actually exst, Tim Foreman who is one of the singers in my favorite band, and my mom (because everyone else is still stuck inside the building) start leaving and I discover this thing is a tracker (who knows how. Maybe in my dreams I'm clairvoyant) . so I have to leave my mom behind because otherwise they'll find us. My best friend--whose name is Jake, by the way-- had disappeared. I'm worried he's been kidnapped. So now it's me and Tim. We head off and get farther but he breaks his leg. I have to leave him. Keep in mind this is in the middle of the wilderness.

And I go and I have to find help and rescue all of them before the aliens kill all my friends and family--some of whom exist, some of whom don't, and some of whom I've never met and will probably never have the chance to. *tear for Tim.*--and I'm doing this and

And I wake up and it's 9:30. nobody woke me up.


Well that's me for you.


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