Jun 6, 2010

The thing about being sick is...

The thing about being sick, is that you can't really do anything. I've had pneumonia for over a week. I finally got antibiotics on Thursday so I am feeling better, and I'm not coughing as much. But still... All I've done all week(s) is lay in bed. I've read a few books... but not a ton.

And the thing about being sick is that you're tired, and your body aches. So yesterday I heard this beep noise. And see I have this "thing" about my cell phone... it's always missing. I lost one way back in April, and I haven't seen it since. But yesterday I swear I heard it beeping at me. Which is odd because it should be out of batteries right now... right?


anyway, I had my dad move the dresser out and there was all this dog hair... like I can't even express how much dog hair there was. Probably enough to make a whole second dog. So I started cleaning. And when I willingly start cleaning... I don't stop until I'm done. So my sister walks in and she was like "oooooh can you rearange the room while you're at it! I trust you, do what you want." so I did.

Lame idea.

because see, now, the next morning, my legs and back are aching even more.

but that's ok, see, because I can't do anything except lay in bed anyway.

and knit. I've been doing some knitting... I'm making these long-wristed mitten things out of fingering yarn on size eight needles, so that it's really thing and lacy, mostly for decoration. Idk if it'll work... but it should be interesting.

I think I might paint my nails today.

Oh! except for I don't have a nail file and chewing on your fingernails requires you to have a nail file so you can fix your ugly nails. Plus I don't want to draw too much attention to my hand, because I am picking at my one thumb again. it's always that thumb... anyway. It's not really bad. I'm not bleeding.


I'm going to go lay in bed and do nothing.

And the thing about being sick is, because you can't do anything, you lay in bed and... lose weight. At Christmas, I was 135. by April, I was 127-ish. Today, I am exactly 120.4. I'm five-foot eight. That's pretty darn good. Now how do I keep that when I get well?...... hahahhahaha no i wont. Here's why: As soon as I'm well, I'm starting my physical training. I've learned a lot about exercise from dancing for five years. So I'm putting together a training plan for one month, the month of june, and I'll see how fast I can build up. I want to put on about ten pounds of muscle by the end of the summer.

Because see, police officers can't be skinny wimpy stick figures. And that's what I feel like right now. Granted I sure don't look like one--my butt is still too big!--but I feel like one.

But that's probably because I've been laying in bed for two weeks!

I'm going to bed.

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