Jun 5, 2010

Made the Choice

We just made the choice about where I’m going to school. It’s up in the mountains of North Carolina. It’s BEAUTIFUL and I love it.

I visited the school a while back. I went to a church out there and… well I saw something that impacted me quite a lot. Maybe I’ll share it some time.

But anyway, the school is great. When I walked on campus it was like God was saying “So… this is where you’re going.”

and I was like “ok…” (because I had a different school in mind for a first choice… but I like this one a lot more now.)

And I think I know why God wants me there. It was because of what someone did at the church I went to. It really encouraged me in ways I can’t express. I never got a chance to thank him.

Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

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