Jun 20, 2010

bathtubs, dreams, and kitchen sinks

Hey I'm getting good at that three word title!

So last Friday we had our kitchen sink and our bathtub refinished. They were both so bad and worn down that you couldn't get them clean, no matter how hard you scrubbed.

so we got them re-done. now they're beautiful! except that it made the house smell really bad for a while, and I'm extremely sensitive to chemicals… but I survived. quite obviously.

Then I've been having these dreams. I already told you about Aliens and Amusement parks. (hey that's a good title, too… might right that book!)

Last night it was spider-boy. it's about these people who can turn into spiders. this guy is a "quirk" as they call them, and can turn into a spider. but he falls in love with a girl who abhors spiders. there's a funny scene where he chases her around in his spider-self and she locks herself into her car, and then he changes back and picks the lock of her car and she's still freaking out and stuff… but anyway. not quite sure what happened because I woke up.

And then lastly, I've gotten eight chapters of that book I was writing up on Scribd. However, since it's tied to my real identity, there will be no link. You'll just have to find it yourself ;) (or e-mail me).

I want to publish it some day. Because of that, I'm taking down the except I put up last time. I want to publish it because "Brad" shared something special with me, and it impacted me enough to write a book about it. So shouldn't I share that book with other people?

I'll try.

Not until I'm out of college, but still. I'll try.


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