Jun 10, 2010

Dogs with hair cuts, whistling sisters, and free cars.

hehe did it again.

dog got a hair cut. and WOW! He looks different. We did it one year and they cut everything except his head… and he looked really strange. We decided we'd never do it again.

But he's so hot this year! so we got him shaved again. they did a better job… but still. My golden retriever now looks like a yellow lab with a fluffy head. He's a lot cooler, too. He's not panting all the time, and he even smells good!

So I'm in a reasonably good mood today. I'm up on my reviews on my other blog, I haven't missed any deadlines lately, my sister got braces so she can no longer whistle and drive me crazy all the time, and my dog smells good.

the cats are still idiots, though. We gotta do something about them…

And we got a new car. a family from our church just… gave it to us. because they inherited two other cars, so they would have had four cars for two drivers. We have two cars for three (going on four) drivers, so they gave us their old car. YAY! now we don't have to play car shuffle!

and the new one…. HAS A CD PLAYER! yay! Now I can listen to switchfoot and weezer while I drive instead of the only stupid radio station in our area (which, although it's Christian music, half of the music is lame and the other half of the air time is commercials.)

So yeah… i'm having a pretty good day. Let's see how long this lasts.


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