Mar 25, 2011

Things you should know about girls

this is a working list I am compiling for boys who don't understand girls. any questions? leave a comment. girls: any additions? same; leave a comment and I'll add it.

  1. if you want to show your girl how much you adore her, sending her flowers is nice and all, but she'd much rather you sit down and talk to her for an hour or so.
  2. if she's mad, let her talk. let her scream. let her yell and throw things. then when she's done, explain. but LET HER GET IT OUT FIRST or she'll just get irritated. and don't think kissing her will help. it'll just get you a smack in the face.
  3. if you think she's in a bad mood, don't ask "are you in a bad mood?" because the mood will get worse. and she'll probably lie about it anyway. so just hug her or make her laugh or if all else fails, just sit there and don't do anything. yes you are doing something to help: you're helping her release stress.
  4. yes she does want your hoodies. probably your jeans and sweat pants, too. and they have to smell like you (after a shower).
  5. Don't call her sexy or cute or hot. well you can once in a while, but not regularly. she wants to hear "Beautiful."
  6. she'll deny it to her grave but she does want you to tickle her.
  7. a little bit of PDA is ok but don't embarrass her.
  8. if she starts complaining about something, don't try to fix it or do anything about it. all she needs is someone to talk to and she'll be ok (unless she asks for help)
  9. one week a month she'll be a disaster. it's not her fault. she needs extra hugs.
  10. don't. forget. her. birthday.
  11. Anything you say or do with another girl that you don't want her to know is considered cheating.
  12. the best way to calm her down is to make her laugh. preferably at you or something else, and not herself.
  13. don't show off your muscles. she don't need you to flex for us to notice. the second you show off, she thinks you're disgusting.
  14. if you tell anyone a secret she's shared with you, she won't trust you for a really. long. time.
  15. please. she doesn't want to smell you until you're hugging her. go light on the cologne.
  16. if you say something that makes you look or feel like a moron and you get nervous or embarrassed, she thinks it's cute. so smile and don't worry about it.


Aditi Sharma said...

awesome list.. :)

Paavani said...

Hi! Absolutely loved your posts!! :D An addition to the list maybe could be something like, "whatever you do dont lie to her, not even about the little stuff. people you love will always find it easier to accept the truth than to live the fact that they've been lied to!" :)