Mar 10, 2011

with my boys

Lately I haven't been going upstairs to eat in the dining hall because I got sick a few times from going up there. But recently I've discovered that if I'm really careful and I take the time to get the good stuff (even though I have to wait in long lines) I don't get sick.

so today I was up there and I saw Dylan. he was at a tiny table but he moved to a bigger one so I could sit with him. then Jace and his roommate and best friend showed up so I got a good dose of stupid guys today.

the thing about my guy friends is… they're all pretty fun to be around. they're laid back, they don't b!t@h about crap and gossip about people, and they don't complain about stupid things. they talk, they tell jokes (although some of them they force me to cover my ears for) and they act retarded just because they can. I love my boys.

it was nice seeing jace again. we hadn't really sat down and had a conversation for a long time… maybe since that first night of the semester? it's a lot easier to be around him now that he's dating someone.

finishing up the paperwork for my special studies major: ballet pedagogy. I will be the first dance major to graduate from my university. im that awesome.

more later.


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