Mar 24, 2011

Thank you, Jesus

Last night was amazing.

so this guy approached me last semester some time in October when crazy Jesus preacher man came to campus. I had gone to preacher man and talked to him and tried to convince him that yelling and screaming at people would not turn them to Christ. He'd come up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder, trying to comfort me because I was crying pretty hard. in fact some kid did a youtube video about crazy Jesus man, and in this one part you can hear me crying. it's horrible.

random. sorry.


the guy came up to me a few days later and told me that he was really encouraged by me because of my tears, because it showed him that I truly loved Jesus. personally I don't think I love Jesus as much as I should—well that's a silly thing to say because nobody does—but it kind of hit me funny, because that was exactly what I had wanted to tell Brad (see sidebar if you don't remember that story).  and I hadn't. I knew how much bravery it took to do what he did for me.

or maybe it was easy for him and I'm just really introverted. I dunno.

anyway we eventually became friends on facebook. I saw him post one day that he was leading a Bible study outside starbucks at 8, so I left him a note that I'd be there and I came.

and see, for the past few days, I'd been praying for some Christian friends that are nice to be around and don't make me feel guilty for hanging out with them and like to talk about real God stuff, not just Bible jokes (coughjacecough)  and I met these kids and they were awesome. as far as names, I only remember the one guy who was leading it and one other girl. We'll call Bible-study-leader-boy "Will" and the girl I remember "Bethany." (they might come into play in this interesting story of my life later, so it's good to give them names now.)

the point is, it was really nice. I felt so good after spending time with them. the study went from 8-9:30, and then we got starbucks (well, they got starbucks, I managed to stick to my diet) and talked for another half hour at least. it was just really edifying and relaxing to know that I wouldn't hear a swear word or a sex joke and that I could talk about Jesus without feeling like I was preaching at my friends.

I'm totally going back.

I went to the dining hall today, and on my way out to leave I saw jace and sam, his roommate. they made me sit down and talk to them for almost an hour. it was nice. it wasn't awkward like I thought it might be, and it wasn't emotionally hard for me either.

I think I can manage to hang around him as long as it's few and far between. but I'm not doing the lunch every day thing. I don't trust myself enough for that. I'm too easily distracted.

I'm going to youth group tonight at 7:30. it's with some of the same kids from last night. I'm really excited.

Thank you Jesus :)

on a totally random note, we had a tornado warning last night. there was a lot of wind but we didn't end up having a tornado.


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