Mar 22, 2011

I have decided…

to follow Jesus!

well yes but actually this post is about sleeping. or rather, pajamas.

I have decided that pajamas are the best things in the world. I have really soft fluffy pretty PINK pajamas and they bring me great joy.

my brother once said something along the lines of "I want to wear my pajamas all day" and my dad (in his usual manner) started singing about it.

see, my dad… he sings about things. he picks a random tune and he makes up a stupid song. some of them are really funny! but others are retarded.

this was a funny one.

it goes like this:

I want to stay all day in my pajamas
'cause that's the thing I want to do
I want to stay all day in my pajamas
don't call my name I'll hide from you.

and it had a few other verses. I don't remember them all.

so I have my PINK pajamas and a PINK shirt that says:

Reasons why you love me:

  1. I'm awesome <3
  2. You have good taste
  3. I look good in anything :)
  4. I'm hi-larious!
  5. I'm brilliant
  6. you're brilliant. XOXOXO

and it also brings me great. PINK. joy.

can you tell I'm trying to blog and I don't have anything to write about?? *whispers –shhhhh don't tell!—*

so yeah. off to take a shower and then go to lunch. Saw Jace and Sam in the gym this morning because I've decided to start waking up early every morning instead of just three times a week. I'm sort of trying to avoid them but not in a mean way. I don't need more Voldemorts.


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