Mar 17, 2011

uh, I don't know what to title this post.

I did eventually find my journal. lost and found picked it up and nobody read it, not even my teacher who saw it briefly but didn't open it.

huge relief.

nothing huge or exciting or important happened today, I had ballet and my knee didn't dislocate. that was nice.

mainly I'm still fighting to get my head back on straight about jace. it'll take some work. I'm not going to seek him out. if he finds me and we hang out that's fine, but I'm going to let it just happen, I'm not going to go find him. it's just too hard. he's a great guy. he's just not the right one.

list. list list list.

been debating posting the list. might do that eventually but for now it's still handwritten on a piece of pretty paper inside my journal. which is now almost full.

I really burn through journals.

im not random or anything.


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