Mar 7, 2011

So this is what God does.

so this is what God does:
Yesterday in church Pastor read a verse i'd been looking for: 1 peter 3:15, and it says be ready to give an answer but say it in gentleness and respect and love. I thought about when preacherman came to school last october and how i'd been looking for that verse. So i wrote it down and put a star by it so i wouldn't forget it.
And of course today... Preacher man is here.
Funny how that worked out, hu? I gave him a piece of paper that said " 1 peter 3:15: love" and just walked away.
Dylan is going to dress up like Jesus and ramble about history to draw people away from him, and i'm going to be there with my Bible. We'll see how this goes.

*edit* Didn't see Dylan and there was no crowd, so I just got out of there.

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