Jan 7, 2012


I'm posting this because my blogging program does a better job of organizing this than my page does.
I don't use real names in my blog—with the exception of one name, Brad, who I don't know personally and only met once. So, for those of you who know me and are trying to figure out who is who, this is sort of your answer key. For those of you who have not been following long, here are brief bios of people I may/probably will mention.

Jasmine is one of my friends at school. We have two classes together. Her best friend's name is Marie, who is also a new friend of mine. We're all dancers, and Marie is a Musical Theater major.

Rachel is a girl in my French class. We're planning on running and working out together in the Spring. I want to witness to her.

John is the boyfriend. I met him because one day I posted a facebook status that said something like "text me, I'm bored!" and my phone number. He reminds me a little bit of Peeta from The Hunger Games, because he's so sweet.

Sis is my little sister (not my youngest sister) and we're very good friends. We go to the university together.


Jeff is one of Sis's friends. He just transferred up to our school with us.

Victory is my best girlfriend ever. She's awesome and sweet and funny and wonderful. She blogs over here.

Brad is a guy who shared his testimony one Sunday, and it inspired me to write a book, which led to a series. He hugely impacted my view on Christian men.

Dylan was one of my first friends on campus. I met him in Starbucks and we talked about pirate costumes for halloween and why Edward Cullen is a fairy, not a vampire. I'm trying to witness to him. He has a fantastic irish accent. We're good friends and have never been awkward or experienced any attraction. He introduced me to Jace.

Named after the character from The Mortal Instruments, Jace is a friend of mine from college.  We're both writers, adore books, and love cats and dislike but don't totally hate dogs. He's a shameless flirt and I can never quite figure him out, but I put up with him because he's sexy, funny, and we're too similar not to be friends.

Ears is my little brother who seems to be able to hear everything in the house. this can be potentially hazardous and somewhat awkward as he will randomly comment on conversations that have nothing to do with him. He as asburgers syndrome (very high-functioning autism) and he argues about everything, but he and i are extremely similar so I have a soft spot for him.

Fish is my younger sister. She loves to swim, she is the best singer on the planet, and she was born for Broadway. She says awkward things and drives me nuts.

A jerk I knew in High School, who also inspired one (okay three) of my stories. I'm not actually sure if we're on speaking terms or not, but he's one of my haunting muses, so I can't do anything about him. Even killing his character in the book won't help. :/ His name is Voldemort because he ended up as "You Know Who" in my diary.

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