Jan 7, 2012

Random things that happened over Christmas break:

  • I learned to knit socks. They're just like mittens, but you add a heel instead of a toe. I don't know why I didn't figure this out before.
  • I dropped three pants sizes. totally by accident! but still. I was a 5. now I'm a 2. but they don't make 2's with the length I need, so I'm still wearing my 5's with belts and I look like a potato sack. anyway.
  • I acquired many scarves. apparently John's mother had told her extended family with whom we stayed over Christmas that I liked scarves. so I got several of them. I can't complain, because I love them all. now I'll be warm and cute!
  • I made $100 working for my dad for a few days.
  • I realized I could live at home and spend very little money if I was smart. usually I would eat out and buy coffee and other stuff, but this time I didn't spend hardly any money (I was saving for gas money for my trip to see John) and I learned a valuable lesson: you don't have to spend money to be happy. of course I already knew this, I just wasn't practicing.
  • I rekindled my love of knitting. I knit almost every day for several hours. I forgot how much I absolutely adore knitting!!! it's so much fun!!!

a lot more happened, but these were my big highlights.

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