Jan 29, 2012

lists help me think.

So. here is a list of stuff that has happened, is happening, or will happen:

  1. I am joining my local church. I've been wanting to join for a while, and that church is really the reason I chose the school I'm at now, so I went to a membership class and I'll probably join in the next few weeks.
  2. John and his mother are coming to visit me in the first week of March (I'm so excited!!)
  3. It's been a year since I've started working on my novel, and it's still just a crappy first draft…. I'd better get going on that.
  4. my phone is screwed up, and doesn't send or receive pictures for some reason. this is bad, because my phone is my camera, and I take pictures from my phone and text them to my email address, and that's how I get pictures. so I have to fix this… I got a blue-tooth adapter for my computer so I can send them to my computer that way… we'll see if that works.
  5. I am behind on my reading. WAY behind. I have to read emma, heart of darkness, and about eight review books. oy.
  6. I'm going to knit a sweater. it might take me a year, but I'm so going to knit a sweater.
  7. I'm also going to knit my wedding dress. this means I have to learn to knit lace, and I have to get over my fear of size 3 needles.


that's the basic idea. it's still a work in progress of course, and I'm sure I'll change it a lot as I go, but that's the general idea.

I'm thinking a winter wedding would be nice. but summer or spring or fall would be fine too.


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Sinking Up said...

P.S. Send me a link to what size 3 needle lace looks like? :D