Jan 14, 2012

this morning.

I'm being both good and bad this morning.

these are the good things I did:

  • I got up before noon (okay, 11:30)
  • I called John and we talked for a while before we got up, which was nice
  • I packed all my bags full of school books, and headed to starbucks
  • I didn't forget to take my medicine
  • Even though I'm almost done knitting my blue ringed octopus, I didn't bring it with me to starbucks, so I could focus on my homework first! (this is a big thing for me)

these are the bad things I did this morning:

  • On the phone with John, I sort of flirted with him. I wasn't horribly bad, but I could have been less of a tease I guess.
  • For breakfast, I am eating a pumpkin spice latte (the venti size…) and a pumpkin cranberry cream-cheese stack from McAlisters.
  • I forgot my glasses. Which means I'll have to go back to my dorm and get them, because I've been typing for two minutes and my head already hurts.

So yeah. The good outnumbers the bad, but we don't follow utilitarianism here.

at least I think that's the word.

I'm eventually going to make a dictionary. It will contain words I often forget the meaning of and have to relearn the meaning every semester, new important things I've discovered, and words I made up that I don't want to forget.

And I'll make it on InDesign. Since I paid three hundred dollars for the program, there is no reason I shouldn't' use that thing for EVERYTHING.

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