Jan 7, 2012

where's waldo?

more like "where's emily?"

yes, the truth is out. I call myself emily on this blog. it's not my real name. long story there ;)

Back at school. It feels good to be back. Sis is moved in. I think she's still sleeping.

We left Thursday night at 10:30pm and drove through the night. We got to school at 5:30. Record time! It was actually pretty fun. Once we got past midnight, it wasn't hard to stay awake. I like driving at night. It's a lot more relaxing. There's no traffic. There's no huge trucks (well, okay, there are some, but there's plenty of room on the road to pass them). And  most of the time, the only headlights on the road are mine! So I don't get blinded!! yay!

Anyway, our ID cards worked at 5:30, so we went into the dorms. Sis and Jeff (more on him later) crashed in commons rooms. I slept in my own bed for the first time in almost a month. I fell asleep about 6am.

and woke up at 9:30am.

because I had forgotten to bring in my medicine and I didn't want to go into withdrawal.

so I got on some clothes and shoes and went out to the car and got my meds and by the time I'd taken them, I was awake (it was cold outside) so I just started unpacking and cleaning and stuff.

we were busy until 6:30pm, when I finally died. I was organizing my yarn (it's still a mess, but it's better) but I just crashed. so I called John for a few minutes, and went to bed at 7.

now im up and I need to go to walmart and get food so I can eat something besides chocolate and doughnuts for breakfast.

okay so: Jeff. Jeff is Sis's friend. She met him last Christmas. I was at college last year, and she was lonely. She met two guys: Jeff, and Blake. the relationship between them was a young adult novel, and one day I'm going to write about something like it and make a lot of money.

anyway. Jeff is a good friend of hers, and he just transferred up to school with us. so you'll be hearing more about him.

lastly: last night I had a dream that everyone thought I pulled a fire alarm in a building and they were going to arrest me. but it turned out I was really a super-hero detective, and I helped them solve the case. I used Jesus-power. (no seriously: my ID said "Christ appointed detective with the Power of God.") anyway then these demons came to our house and I had to destroy them so they wouldn't kill my family, and it was really hard, but I did it using wit and Jesus-power and a really cool gun that shot blue bullets and made things explode.

kinda wish I hadn't woken up.

Super-emily to the rescue!!!

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