Mar 1, 2011

this post has no title.

So I found out that there are two City Ballets. (I'm calling it City Ballet instead of Cityname Ballet). One of them is a studio, one is the company. and the address the artistic director was wrong so my gps led me to an empty street corner. I was so confused.

But I know my way around that part of the city!

Home for spring break. I didn't tell my sister so when she saw me she was like "what the hell are you doing here?" then she started crying and hugging me. it was so sweet.

over break I've been working for my dad and making some money, working on my book, and working at the theatre painting a set that my dad doesn't have time to do (but we need to work in exchange for getting out ad in the playbill).

so far it's been really nice. I'm sorta missing the mountains though. I don't miss the food or the boredom. I miss dancing. I miss the gym. I miss the freedom. but I love my family and they aren't bad.

saw voldemort the other day in walmart. sorta freaked me out. I didn't expect him to be there because it was so late in the evening. he smiled at me and looked really confused and waved. I wanted to go hide behind something. he freaks me out for some reason. I guess now that I don't have a good reason to hate him—besides poking me in the arm with a dead crayfish—I'm back to where I was in high school. still haven't added him on facebook though. I deleted him when I thought he'd texted my little sister about dirty sex. (that was resolved).

but he sorta sticks in my head. maybe that's because he's inspired several of my books, or maybe it's just because he's annoying. what if I run into him again? ugh. I need to go back to school. or he needs to disappear forever and never bother me again, not even in my head.

and my daddy needs to find me a husband. fast. because there are creepy people everywhere I go and I can't say "im married" because it's a lie right now.

and im tired and rambling so don't listen to anythign I say.


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