Mar 11, 2011


I lost my diary.

no seriously.

that thing has EVERYTHING in it! it has my homework assignments and my to-do lists and my prayers and my loves and hates and secrets and dreams and MY LIST! I'VE LOST MY LIST!!!!!

(the list hasn't been blogged about yet, you say? oh dear, say I.)

the list: (noun) a detailed wishlist of things I want in a husband. at the top it says "do not settle" and proceeds to outline 28 (so far) requirements (well not all of them are required) that I won't let go of or disregard when searching for my soulmate. example: "I will never date Jace because he only meets 11 out of 28 requirements on my list!"

I had it in my writing class, and then next thing I knew I went to take it out of my backpack and it wasn't in there. now the worst thing that could happen would be someone finds it and publishes it in the school newspaper, but the likelihood of that happening is slim because my handwriting is attrocious. and so is my spelling. quite obviously.

the second worse thing that could happen would be it never gets returned. it's got a lot of stuff in there that I NEED! there's a reason I wrote it down.

the third worse thing would be if one of my friends found it. specifically jace. it would be rather embarrassing.

not like I talk about him all the time. I mean I did in my other journals because he was a regular in my life. but not so much now. but still.

oy. must. find. journal. *winces and cries softly*

I mean, it says inside with a silver sharpie marker "please return!!!!" and has my name, address, and phone number, so there is no excuse.

but im having flashbacks of my novel. the character looses her diary and the protagonist finds it and falls in love with her.




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