Jun 8, 2010

So occasionally I am proud of myself

So today I was editing my layout of my other blog, and I wanted something cool for the block quote. But… it didn't have html for the block quote. So I had to add it myself. And then figure out how to edit it also.

Needless to say it was scary. Because when you have a blog with over 300 readers and all of a sudden the html goes WACKY you don't know what to do…

but i got it. and I'm happy.

I'm also happy because yesterday I deposited my money from FAFSA. and my paychecks. that was almost $3000 in the bank. FOR COLLEGE! WOOT! It'll go toward my new computer.

Because see, this one breaks. it shuts off at random times. it has nothing to do with the battery, and it has nothing to do with overheating… so idk what it's problem is.

but i will get a new one.



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