Apr 11, 2011

Odly enough i had a dream last night. Here's what happened: yogi our dog was at college with me and i had to keep him in an appartment, so he had a pee bucket. He kept forgetting it was for pee though. Then i woke up and fell asleep for another dream, and i decided to cut my hair. In order to do this i had to take a shower so it was wet. But when Diva, my little sister, saw me with the hair clippers, she asked me to cut her hair. So i did. Thenn while i did that, Sunshine (sister #2) took a shower. When sunshine got out diva got in. Then mom woke up and i had to put the clippers away because she doessnt like it when i cut my hair myself.

*yawn-stretch* ok. To the gym for this fat ballerina!


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