Apr 20, 2011

see this? this is my confused face.

so last night I went up to do my laundry and my clothes had 7 minutes left on them because I'm a moron and can't count to thirty. anyway. I was sitting there waiting, thinking about how much easier it will be this week to walk around campus and know I'm not going to run into jace and have to suffer through trying to figure out what he wants, trying to be his friend, and trying to give him enough space not to be annoying all at the same time.

and of course, he walks in. it was pretty funny because the poor guy was so confused for a second—that 'what the hell are you doing here'—look. we talked for a few minutes and he gave me the hug he owed me—another long story—and invited me to hang out with his friends while they played some video game.

now I really don't like sitting and watching people sit and watch a screen, but it had to beet trying to sleep while my roommate argued with her boyfriend about Glee and her upcoming marriage proposal which, for some reason, she expects to be perfect and romantic, even though her boyfriend is an idiot.

so I took a shower and grabbed my knitting and went upstairs. the four of them had their laptops hooked up to a weird thing in the middle of the room and they were spread out around the room at various tables and chairs and there were chords everywhere. let's just say it was not what I expected and it was a maze to get in and out.

but I sat there for an hour and a half and worked on my headscarf and watched him play some weird game where he dug through solid rock for an hour to make his spiral staircase freestanding.

of course I got back to my room to discover I'd left my clothes lying on my bed, so I slept like that little boy in The Rescuers Down Under, with a pile of clothes on my bed. I think a sock fell in the night and landed in the trashcan.

so I am, once again, left confused. if you've been following this story, I met him, he liked me, he flirted with me, he stopped liking me but continued to flirt with me because that's just what jace does, he texted me all through Christmas break where we made a writers pact and neither of us followed through with it, then when I got back he ignored me for three weeks and wouldn't text me back, I stumbled across him and he acted as if nothing had happened but he STILL wouldn't text me back, then he insists he wants me to eat lunch with him regularly but I can never find him and, when I'm up there he never acknowledges me, then one night I had sam drag him down for donuts and he started texting me back, now he's inviting me to sit with him while he digs through rock for an hour on the computer and still manages to flirt with me while he does it.

Pardon mon francais, but what the hell does he want?


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Sinking Up said...

okay, am i allowed to hit people?
sounds like he's just toying with you.