Apr 16, 2011


So on thursday I went to walmart because I had to get food. I also really wanted donuts. So I got a bag of donuts and invited Jace and Sam and a girlfriend over to my room to help me eat them so I woulnd't feel so guilty. I made sure my girlfriend came over before the guys showed up.

anyway, it was fun. we managed to get through the whole bag of mini-crullers and most of the peanut butter cookies—peanut butter happens to be Jace's favorite food and I think he ate like, four of them—and I got lots of hugs (which, ok, I'll admit, was the real reason I dragged everyone over, because I was pms-ing and I was in a bad mood). anyway we all hung out and talked for like, an hour. it was really nice.

And Jace actually texted me back for a few minutes. that was a nice change. maybe he doesn't completely hate me. he did give me too hugs. but it doesn't match up. I wish I knew what he was thinking, it would just make my life easier.

I don't hate boys. I jus hate that I can't figure them out.


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