Nov 6, 2010

I do to scare boys off!

Let's call me "Me" and the boy "Dave." just for sake of conversation.

Here is the text convo I just had. Background info: I was possibly getting a job cleaning this grad student's house a few times a week.

Dave: I have someone working now, but I might be able to use you after thanksgiving.

Me: Awesome. I'll have my car by then.

Dave: Sounds good. The girl working now isn't as cute as you, so it's not distracting lol

Me: Hahaha… Uh is that good or bad?

Dave: Haha idk. If you worked here I might be tempted to hit on you

Me: Should I bring a bodyguard? a guyfriend offered to come with a baseball bat :P (which is true, I mentioned this to Jace and he said he and Derek could come and sit on the couch with baseball bats and look intimidating :P)

Dave: Haha I'm not that bad :)

(I didn't answer)

Dave: But if you want to hang out some time I wouldn't mind

Me: that might be fun. Text me sometime and let me know (I'm thinking starbucks, lunch, library…)

Dave: Ok. want to catch a movie sometime?

Me: I'm… not… allowed. But we can hang out some time, like casually.

Dave:What do u mean not allowed?

Me: Well my dad doesn't let me date, and even though we're obviously not "dating" his definition is pretty broad. It took him 10 years to give me permission to ride in a guy's car…

Dave: Really?? why is that, aren't you like 18?

Me: Well actually I'll be 19 in a few weeks. But until I marry, my dad is the man in charge of me :)

Dave: I understand, I came from a strict family too. But how can you marry if you can't date first?

Me: Ah… you might not believe this… I'm going to have an arranged marriage

Dave: Wow, really? well I hope that goes well for you

Me: yeah :) thanks



We texted a little more (he told me I was gorgeous which totally made my day) but the whole thing made me laugh. he's probably not going to ask to hang out again :P

see, this is what I mean by scaring people away!

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Sinking Up said...

way to go!!! if you need any help, i'll bring a shotgun up there and beat the living tar out of someone if i have to!