Nov 1, 2010

Soooo confused

Ok. So.

First Jace flirts with me. then he seems uninterested, but likes to talk to me. We eat lunch together w/ his friend three times a week, and I have class with him the other two days. he'll text me and we talk after classes about our books and characters and dreams (the literal ones, about zombie-filled jewelry shops and aliens in dorm buildings) and say things like "text me and we'll hang out."

so then I text him. and he implies that he doesn't want to hang out. so I figure I'm annoying him and give him a break from me, and just talk to him when I see him.

then he flirts again. he teases me and touches my hair and knocks into me on purpose. today he stole my cucumber off of my plate.

I'm so confused. I don't know what he wants and I can't tell if I'm annoying him or not. and unless he has some major revival or something, I'm never going to marry the guy.

I mean he could change. I hope I'm around to see it, I hope I can be the tool God uses to show him what a Christian really lives like. Because right now, he ain't livin' it.

Anyway. that's what's annoying me right now.

And that on every episode on NCIS Saturday the criminal was trying to kill Abby. And she's my favorite.

I got three boxes in the mail today, and a letter and a small parcel. I ended up getting a card from a sweet lady in our church, three books, and two pairs of pointe shoes <3 <3 <3 so excited about those shoes!!!!! I'm currently working on fixing them. I've put about two hours into them so far, it'll take about four more before they're usable.

and I'm working on a few knitting projects. :)


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