Nov 9, 2010

Things I've managed

  1. I've made a list. A list of things I want in a husband, and I've promised not to settle for anyone who doesn't meet every single requirement. That takes a few people off the "potentials" list, even if they did change. Of course that also leaves the list blank. But I'm trying to relax and not worry about it.
  2. I've managed to eat half of the huge chocolate lava cupcake my mom sent me for my birthday. I've also managed to gag and cough and break out on my chin. But I really needed the chocolate because I'm going to be alone and doing homework and on my period on my 19th birthday. I've had sucky birthdays, but at least my mom was going to be there to give  me a hug.
  3. I've dislocated my knee again. hey, I never said this list was things I managed to do right. my knee tape started peeling last night—got caught on my pjs—and today I squirmed in bed or something and popped it. so now it hurts. good job silly girl!
  4. I've managed to miss a call from my best friend
  5. I've written 2.5 of the 5 annotations for my annotated bibliography. due on Thursday. it shouldn't be too bad though, because the articles are so short I'll probably finish by tomorrow afternoon.
  6. I helped a friend
  7. I got a ride home for thanksgiving
  8. I made a pair of mittens for my grandma that she likes
  9. I managed to miss dinner with two sets of friends (one with Derek and his friends and another with Sarah and her friends, whose birthday is today) and miss creative writing club because I was so sick and tired and nasty from this stupid period.
  10. I managed not to fall asleep in either of my classes today
  11. I've managed to feel depressed, lonely, tired, sick, and rejected all in about four seconds simply because my teacher said something along the lines of "You guys are all English majors!" and I'm literally the only one in the class who isn't.
  12. I've managed to make a complete disaster of my room.
  13. I've managed to fill up my laundry bag with all my favorite clothes, leaving me with only crappy boring shirts and ugly sweat pants. not like it matters because I have acne again and I feel like shit because I'm on my freaking period.
  14. I've managed to go several days without reading my bible, which is why I feel tired and lonely and depressed. Why do I do this? because I'm like the Israelites.
  15. I've managed to break my Ethernet cable somehow—or maybe it was already broken—and it doesn't lock into my computer, so it's always slipping out and making me lose connections.
  16. I've managed to take a four hour nap in the middle of the day.
  17. I've managed to escape Starbucks without ordering anything at least twice in the past week
  18. I've managed to only eat one piece of pizza—and whose idea was it to put pineapple on pizza anyway? idiots. I can' believe I used to like that stuff.
  19. I've (somehow) managed to burn the top of my mouth—maybe it was the pizza—and I have a nasty piece of skin hanging in my mouth that I can't get off and it's driving me mad
  20. I've managed to have a whole conversation with Jace without him flirting with me. (at least I don't think he was flirting with me.)
  21. I've managed to stop picking my nails, both recently and long term. I no longer bleed when I touch things and I have fingernails :)
  22. I've managed to figure out almost every Christmas present I need to make, and have finished a few of them
  23. I've managed to make a backup of all my novels
  24. I've managed to start getting over Voldemort…
  25. I've managed to make a list of 25 things I've managed.

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