Sep 26, 2010


Here's what I did yesterday.




























get it?


no seriously, nothing.

ok, so i did do some stuff.

i woke up at 9-ish, got to the dining hall by 9:30. i ate breakfast and stayed there until lunch doing homework, and ate lunch there too. now, as you know, i don't eat a whole lot. i eat about half as much food in two meals as a normal person eats in one. so i figured i wasn't cheating.

then i went back to my dorm. i dropped off my notes and went to the library and tried to write for a while.

failed miserably.

i just… wasn't inspired.

which is annoying because i've been inspired ALL WEEK and now i can't write ANYTHING.


so. anyway.

after that, i went back to my room and moped around for a while, then went back to the dining hall and… watched youtube videos. for like… idk, an hour or so. then i called my friend <3 <3 and talked to her for a while. that was fun.

then i went back to my room and went to bed.

that was it :)

today i'm going to finish my homework and just kinda chillax a little. Jace isn't on campus (he neglected to tell me he was leaving, and he hadn't texted me back, which sorta scared me because i was worried he was in a ditch somewhere but it turns out he's fine thank God *gasp for air* sigh. i'm ok now) and i still can't write. none of my books are lining up.

i hate weekends. i kinda love the school week. but i hate weekends.


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