Sep 29, 2010

Butterfly Kisses

i really love butterflies. i don't know why. maybe because they're graceful, lighter than a feather, and more beautiful than i could even conceive to be myself. whenever i dance any kind of fairy dance, butterflies are the creatures i am to mimic.

today i held a butterfly.

i was walking back to my dorm and i saw this beautiful large blue and orange-colored butterfly. it looked like it had a bite out of it's wing. i'd remembered seeing that exact same butterfly about two weeks ago, and it was at about the same location.

i knelt down and watched it. it let me get very close to it. on a whim i stretched my hand out to it, and it flew right towards me and sat on my thumb.

and just sat there.

it fluttered its wings slightly, it looked at me. it let me bring it up close to my face so i could look at it. it was beautiful and light and shiny. i couldn't even feel the weight of the thing on my finger.

it didn't fly away until i lifted my hand out and signaled for it to.

it was definitely the highlight of my day, and definitely something i'll never forget. because every princess in her tutu dancing outside with the butterflies wants nothing more than to catch and hold one.


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