Sep 8, 2010

Always when you least expect it

I love how God works with the unexpected. Like yesterday, i was not expecting to meet a cool Christian guy in the coffee shop and talk about being a missionary and being radical on campus. which, i have to say, talking to someone who was on fire for Christ like that…it really made my day. well, it was like 10pm, so it made my night. and made today better, too. he was really cool and friendly and just nice. He had a tattoo all up one arm. so yeah. that conversation was unexpected. good side, it was a breath of fresh air to meet another Christian who viewed Jesus as the most important thing in the universe. downside, never got his name.


oh well. "In the Lord I put my trust."

and how today when i left my room, i forgot a pen. you can't take notes without a pen. well, i could have used my computer, but my teacher prefers us to use paper. so she gave me a pen that she found on the desk randomly. but then for my other class, i randomly found a pencil on the ground. yay! i didn't have to buy one or steal one… not that i would or anything. just sayin'.


and it was just today, as i sat there eating my chick-fil-a for breakfast, that i realized that i would probably run out of money by the end of the year. and i went to the mail room (where i found the pencil) and i opened my mail box…and found a check for one thousand, eight hundred, and fifty-six dollars.


that's a lot of money.


i think it's my financial aid rebate check (the aid i was awarded but never used the credit for) and it'll either pay down my loans over the summer, or pay for food for the next two years.

well, maybe a year and a half.


but still.


i love how God works like that. especially when i found that pencil. i was like "thanks, Jesus. you've got it covered, don't you?"


that was one of the things that Tattoo said: all you need, literally, is Him. you don't need ANYTHING else.


Also, today in class, my cjs teacher mentioned how the school has this research program for students. i asked about it, and she said we could work on it together. i would do research and write things, and try to get them published. and if i could get them published this early in my career… well. she said i could do just about anything.


and i'd get chances to go on vacations for free to cjs conferences. that would be SO COOL. and it's also a witnessing opportunity. Wherever i go it's a witnessing opportunity… that's one of the things i've been reading about.


last night before i went to sleep, i read some of Acts. Acts is a cool book. there's lots of miracles in there…it's just cool. so is Romans. it's kinda depressing, but also awesome.

and so is Ephesians. well, and Philippians.


wait, how can you pick a favorite?


i've had a good morning. the only slightly depressing aspects of my life right now are these:

  1. try as i might, the scale in the gym always says i'm 119 or 120. i can't seem to get it back up to a normal weight. my friend out here is a nutrition and diet major, and she was like…"yeah…you're fifteen pounds underweight at least." sigh. imma try pop-tarts. those always seem to do the freshman in, don't they?
  2. my period should have come seven days ago. granted i've never in my life been regular, but it's usually somewhere around the first-ish week of the month. i know (or doubt) it has anything to do with my weight…i'm not that skinny. i mean, i am an A cup now (stupid boobs) and my jeans keep falling down… but i'm not that skinny…right?? :(
  3. i've been getting horrible cramps whenever i run. but. i talked to my teacher today, and she said it's because i'm eating too soon before i run. so today imma try to run on an empty stomach. of course that'll mean i miss dinner, and that'll mean my metabolism will run for two hours after that, meaning i'll be hungry at 11:pm, and i'll wake up three pounds lighter than i went to sleep. or something ridiculous like that.

so there ya go.


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