Sep 2, 2010


I got a ride home for this weekend!!! WOOT! so excited. gonna visit my family :)


so today in class, the guy beside me said something about Jesus not being real. I swear i almost broke the desk.  made me so mad. it was like ice in the pit of my stomach. ever felt that?


And i thought, "wouldn't it be cool if Jesus appeared in class, right now?"


then i thought "Yeah, but we'd all die. idk if i want that to happen."


today i'm bringing my laptop with me to the gym. i'm going to dance a little… it's hard to dance with no music, and it's harder to dance with an mp3 player stuck on your arm. so laptop it is. I miss dance and i love it. it makes me feel lie i'm flying. i mean, what other thing can you do to get that feeling? there isn't anything. there's nothing to compare it to…


i also got a box today… my mommy mailed me a loaf of bread. yay!!


aaaand that's all i can think of for now. i got an ARC in the mail of The Infernal Devices book 1, Clockwork Angel. I might start reading that.




i miss coffee. already. it's been one and a half days without it… i can do this. i know i can.


but i still miss the taste.


i have yet to find him… I really have been looking everywhere. I look in the dining hall. i looked at church. granted it's only been two weeks, but still. it's kinda annoying… and i don't want to just ask around. that would be weird. if i ever get the chance, i'm going to take it. but still… idk. it's annoying. he's still on my mind, almost every day.


and for the record, voldey is still in my head too. i don't think he'll ever leave. one of these days i'll forget about him.


maybe i'll move far far away.


or maybe i'll get the chance to smack him in the face. reallly. really. hard.



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