Sep 22, 2010


I've just been a bit of a fail lately. so i'll warn you now, this post will be a little depressing.

on the bright side, i'm in a great mood.

so. first of all, "talk and dress like a pirate day" didn't end up happening. nobody came. so i think Derek is going to reschedule it. i hope he does, anyway. i want a chance to wear my awesome clothes :)

second, at first i was almost sure Brant was the same Brant that i thought he was. but i talked to him yesterday and i'm just not sure. i'm going to find out, though. i'm good with detective work... at least i better be if i'm going to work for a federal agency eventually, which is what i'd like to do. at least i think i'd like to. who knows.

i have a stupid debate coming up in about an hour, and i'm just not very good at debates or talking. nor is my topic very good.

but whatever.

and there's a few other minor fails. one of them is that Jace likes me (which i expected but tried to deter) and another one of Derek's friends likes me even more (and it's just a little creepy, because he's muslim and kinda odd. whatever).

and then there's my book. for the sake of identity, i won't tell you the name of my character or the book, but yesterday i realized i did something so wrong up in the beginning that everything is off. so i'm back at word 20,000 instead of 45,000.

whatever. i'll get through it and i'll do it well. because that story is very important for me to tell.

i think i'll work on it this weekend.

Jace is a writer working on a 15-book series, too. maybe we'll hang out this weekend and just... write.


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