Sep 2, 2010

ok… i can admit to that

yeah, i don't like watching all those "happy couples" around campus. i don't like watching a guy and a girl walk with their arms around each other smiling like fools on their way to the dining hall. i don't like watching a guy sneak up behind a girl and hug her and kiss her. it bugs me.


is it jealously? idk. probably. well ok yeah maybe. truth be told, my body is telling me i should be married right now. i want a husband and kids.


but i also want to get through college without guy problems.


ironically, it was voldey who disagreed with me on something i held for a long time: don't get married in college. it's what i've been told for years. don't marry in college, don't marry right out of college.


but he disagreed, saying if you know you're going to marry someone, marry them right away. it keeps you focused.


yeah, that makes sense. but i haven't found a husband yet.


and sometimes i just have this horrible feeling like if i don't get a hug soon, i'm just going to fall apart.


no it's not college that brought this on.


maybe i just feel worse tonight than normal. it seems like everyone around me has someone special to cling to. and the only relationship i have ever had is with my cat.


and he doens't count.




Alphonse said...

Pretty much explains my life right there, cept I don't have a cat... had a lizard once, it died.

Sinking Up said...