Sep 17, 2010

I like this one

the template. it's simple, but cool. i like the pirate picture... if i get a good pic of me this sunday i'll replace it and edit it and such, maybe put one up there.

without my face of course.

so. i have a test on monday. i'm trying to study for it, but i am a little restless. i have running club at 530 and game night at BCM (baptist campus ministry--hey i remembered it!!) where i hope i can clear my concence for the first time in several months.

hope. i might be totally wrong. in which case, the search continues.

but right now as i'm sitting here looking at the problems with self reported crime data... my legs are twitching and my body is saying "WORK ME!!"

or maybe i just hate studying.

my knee tape came in the mail today... my knee feels so good that i'm now beginning to notice the pain in the other one.

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