Sep 26, 2010

Church notes in concentrated easy to understand paragraphs. maybe.

So for church, we had two guest preachers. they were both from Southeastern Seminary. I don't remember their names, though.

Basically in the morning service, we talked about the prodigal son. Everyone knows the story, and they focus on the beautiful story of redemption and the picture of salvation. but they forget that Jesus doesn't end His story with a completely happy ending… here's why.

the prodigal son basically went to his father and said "look i don't give a damn if you're dead or alive, i just want my inheritance… i don't care about you, i just want your stuff." so lovingly, his father gave him his stuff. he went and squandered it all, lo and behold a famine hit, so he goes home and his father forgives him—because he was lost, and is now found.

while the older brother uses his father to support him, and is basically waiting until his dad dies to take his own inheritance. he's just as lost. but he isn't found in the end.

a little depressing, hu?

so how does this apply to us?

people who have lived in the church their whole life, who have grown up in a Christian atmosphere are at risk of falling into the "older brother" category, because they look at their actions and their serving and their situation for their salvation, not what Christ has done for us.

so that was good.

well, as good as a convicting sermon can be.

in the evening service, we talked about our callings and our jobs an dour identities and such. the big thing i walked away with is this: we are meant to be first, and do second.

a baby has to be born before he can walk: a person has to become like Christ before he can do his job to the glory of God.

and we talked about identity: how our identity should come from God, and we give to other people rather than take our identify from other things and create ourselves, then worship our jobs.

it was awesome.

and, ok, the preacher was charismatic (and kinda handsome) so it was just a good day.

i'm working on a scarf. it's pretty and wide and warm and comfy. but i'm not sure who i'm going to give it to. i might give it to Jace, and write him a note and explain some stuff. still praying for him. he had a hard weekend.

i'll make sure he has a good week, though.

tomorrow i'm going to go running. and i'm going to run far, and i'm going to run hard, and i'm going to wear tights so my knee tape doesn't sweat off.

but tonight… i'm going back to my dorm and eating ice cream. or pizza. or something. because i'm hungry.


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