Sep 17, 2010

thismuch closer to a clearer conscience

Well. Today i went to the student-baptist-church-type-thing and immediately—as in the first person i had a conversation with—i found him. Let's call him Brant, because that's a good name.

at least i'm pretty sure it's him.

same name, same basic physical traits, but it was so long ago that i don't really remember what he looked like. i didn't have time to actually have the conversation i'd wanted to have (for the past five or six months) but i'm going back, and i'm going to find out for sure.

because if it's one thing that's bugging me, it's that.

actually it killed me to leave tonight without talking to him. but i know where to find him now so i'll get another chance. a little bit of stress has come off my shoulders finally finding one more puzzle piece.

but then again, i'm remembering that i have to get one more thing off my shoulders.


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