Sep 27, 2010

new fone

i like it: good camera, big screen, better speaker, free calls to les parents, and unlimited texting.

but the keypad is horrible.

i guess i can't complain though...or actually i can. it's my blog.


yeah i keep sending half-texts and stuff with "wierd spelling" (yes i did actually text that to a friend. it's not my fault i'm lysdexic. it all looks the me to same.) the key pad is funky and hard to text with.

whatever. i'll eventually get a good phone and just put the card into the new one... :D maybe christmas? next birthday? who knows. maybe i'll just survive with this one.

anyway. sitting in starbucks waiting for my lunch to settle so i can go running. i've got club at 530, and i'll probably go to the gym after that so i can stretch and shower, then imma try to get over to Brant's dorm for Bible study.

Yeah... I'm pretty sure it's the wrong Brant. about 93% sure. which is just a little upsetting.

not my will but Thine be done. but honestly this is getting annoying.


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