Sep 16, 2010

Well that was interesting

Well, it wasn't really a date. for that I'm glad, because honestly i didn't want to go on one.

without giving anything ridiculous away, there was a fire drill, he wasn't able to meet me because they don't let the students leave during them (they have to stay outside the burning building. that makes a lot of sense… w/e.) so i went to where he was, and we hang out with a few of his friends. then he had something that needed to be taken care of, so i hung out with his friends for a while, and then we all met up again and talked for an hour and a half.

it was fun, and i enjoyed it. i got to know him better and that was all i wanted in the first place. he's a cool guy.

but he really needs the Lord.

I'm praying that i get a chance to witness to him and his friends, and i hope you guys will too, because it would be greatly appreciated.

tonight i'm going to the student-church-baptist-type-thing (i don't remember what it stands for) and i'm hoping i can find a christian friend to fellowship with. i've been praying that i find one, because even though i understand that my job is to be in the world with the unsaved, it takes a toll on your mood.

especially when you're on your period.

which did eventually come, btw. so no fears, i'm still healthy and heavy enough to have one. though idk what'll happen to my weight, since i found out today that i can run 2.5 miles. and if i can get my Achilles tendon stretched out to the point that it doesn't cramp up on me, then i'll certainly be able to run more. because it wasn't my side or my legs that was tired, it was my right ankle tendon.

suck it up, big girl, as my ballet teacher would have said.

my own personal motto: if it doesn't hurt, work harder. if it hurts, work harder more often.

so i'm going running tomorrow, too.

the problem with gaining weight is that you have to eat more food and more snacks. but that means you have to buy more food and snacks. i really hope i don't run out of money…

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