Sep 1, 2010

No i don't really have anything to say

so why am I blogging?

  1. because i have nothing better to do.
  2. because i have a meeting at eight and it's already five and i don't want to hike up a hill twice more today
  3. because my roommate doesn't like to talk
  4. because i'm tired of studying aquafilters
  5. because i don't feel like reading or knitting, i just feel like being stupid
  6. because i know if i leave my dorm, the first thing i'll do is get a caramel macciatto, and the last thing i need right now is caffiene.
  7. because i want to call my parents but i don't want to talk to them. makes perfect sense, right?




today after studying various types of crime—remind me to get back to that… thanks—i went and suffered through ethics class.


i am really beginning to dislike that class.


we've studied the same thing for like, three weeks now. and my teacher… it's like he's trying to teach us reading comprehension. i mean, yes, the writing that we're studying is a little old. but it's not that complicated, right? so why is he talking to us like eight-graders and trying to teach us note-taking in a computer science course?




so back to CJS.


i mentioned earlier that i loved my teacher. she's the cool one who can get away with calling a criminal a bastard because it fits into context and doesn't really sound like a curse… it just sounds like yes, a guy who stores alcohol in a baby bottle and lets the kid drink it all and die is definitely a bastard.


not that i'd ever say that outloud. there are just some words that feel like fire coming out of my mouth.


unlike one of my friends here, whose favorite word starts with an F… i bet you know what that one is. which, funny story, i took classes with him back in my home town. we saw each other at orientation—creepy much—and we talked for like, two hours today. spread out over time, but still. he's funny and he's got some stories to tell, but they're still pretty littered with language. i feel like i have to scrub my brain out after talking to him, even though he's kinda fun to talk to.


but i'd never tell him that to his face. it's just kinda mean. i'm mean, but i'm not that mean.


nor am i mean enough to give him the wrong phone number on purpose. which he thought i did. but we cleared that up.


so—again—back to CJS. did you know that the three main characteristics of a serial killer are

  1. torturing small animals
  2. violence/murder
  3. lighting things on fire.

did i mention that my brother is a pyromaniac-wanna-be?

she told me that and i was like……"Oh…my…lollipop."


naw. my bro would never be a serial killer. nor would he torture puppies. or kitties.


well… idk about kitties. he does love to chase our cats.




next semester… i think i want to take six courses, and three of them with my awesome cjs teacher. maybe.


in fact, i almost don't want to go home over the summer, because she's teaching a serial killer class june 1-july 31 (summer term.)


i wonder how much convincing it would take my parents to let me do the summer term…


her birthday is september 7th. i think i'm gong to knit her something. i don't have wrapping paper and i don't have birthday cards, and i don't have money to buy her a book or a crime-dvd, but i do have yarn. and lots of  it. and every cjs teacher needs a handknit scarf to keep her warm when she runs every morning at 5am…right?




imma go to the library and knit for a while.


thank you, blogger, for letting me blog on you, and thank you loyal readers (all four of you) for reading my nothingnesses.


is that a word?


idk. i'll get lannie to add it to our list of "words that are words because we say they are words."


*tells herself to get offline*



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