Sep 15, 2010

Well…idk if that was unexpected or not

does that make any sense? because see, it's normal for guys to be interested in me. and i came to college expecting it. yet it's always unexpected when it happens.

so a few days ago i met a group of cool people who decided i was ok enough to hang out with. and so we started hanging out. i'm praying that i get a chance to witness to them. somehow through the course of the night, one of the guys—we'll call him Derek—got my phone number (i don't remember how that happened but whatever) and we decided to hang out another time.

so then yesterday Derek introduced me to one of his friends. we can call his friend Jace, because he reminds me a little of a book character named Jace. (Ever read The Mortal Instruments?…good series!! some stuff I don't like, but the good outweighs the bad for me.) Derek told me to text him something and handed me the phone number, so i thought ok, what else could i do? so i texted him. don't really remember what it was about. anyway we talked a little bit and this morning he asked if we could hang out some time.

and i was like "crap. what am i supposed to say?"

so i called my dad.

he helped me figure out what to do and how to look at this correctly. basically, if he wants to be friends with me, i'm all for it—he's funny and nice and cool. but that's about all it can ever be, because he's also very lost. and i'm all for being friends, because i'll probably get a chance to share the gospel with him.

but i'll also have to keep my head on straight.

then again, this is me we're talking about here. i don't think i'll have too much of a problem with that.

so, dear followers, of whom there are only like…three…pray for me, that i have the boldness to witness to my friends.

and also pray that i find some more Christian friends. because honestly, i do need some regular christian fellowship. it is true i need to be spending my time in the world: why do i hang out with lost people? that's like asking Jesus why he chilled with tax collectors and prostitutes. they were the ones who needed His love. But he also had His disciples.

anyway. i know God works this stuff out.


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