Sep 22, 2010

My day was just a little awesome. Well maybe more than a little.

So here's the rundown.

Woke up this morning with enough time to get breakfast from Chick-Fil-A and get to class. we talked about federal agencies and how to get hired, and what it takes to get hired by the FBI and stuff like that. it was cool.

then i went to my debate. see, the debate was very unorganized for three reasons:

  1. we had one day to meet because our schedules clashed like all git-out.
  2. the one guy in our team forgot, so there was just two of us
  3. we were the "con" side, so we didn't know specifically what we were going to say until the other team said their parts.

so when i got to my part, i litterally just said the first things that came to my mind. which i kinda sucked at. but i was the only one who used all three minutes, and spoke clearly, and looked at the audience. so i hope i get a decent grade.


after that, BCM had free hug day.

now any of you who know me know that i am not a touchy-feely kind of gal. but i do give wicked good hugs. so i stood there in the sun in jeans and hugged TONS of people for two and a half hours.

it was awesome.

and the best part is, we got in a line in front of the University Center, and we just asked everyone if they wanted hugs. and i was in a line of like… five guys. and then me. and all the guys said they gave better hugs than i did, but i knew they were just saying that because they wanted to argue with me. because for some reason, most guys think i'm cute.


so we had people vote and they picked me as the best hugger. and sometimes they'd say something like "oh you saved the best for last!" and one guy wouldn't hug anyone but he gave up when i offered.

yeah. i guess being cute ain't that bad. i can get almost any guy to hug me just by smiling and opening my arms.


yeah. i gave a lot of people hugs. i gave the guy from my hometown a hug, and the girl from my class a hug, and Jace got a hug, and Brant got a hug. and i am the best hugger ever.

yes i am. :P

so after that, i went to the dining hall and ate crappy salad and soggy granola. then i went back to my room. and i was exhausted. so i took a nap ( ew… i was all sweaty and whatever.) and slept for 'bout an hour and a half. then i woke up about 5pm. and i was like "dangit… cjs running club at 530… i'm tired…" but i hauled my lazy @$$ out of bed and got dressed aaaaaandddd then it started raining and there was a thunderstorm outside. it was BEAUTIFUL and smelled sooo goood. I LOVE mountain thunderstorms because they're not humid. they're just awesome.

so i went to the inside gym instead of going to cjs club. idk how many miles i ran… probably two-ish. maybe. idk.

guess who was at the gym? Jace! so we talked for a while, which was fun, because we always end up talking about highly educated things like poetry and shakespeare and stuff. because we're awesome college students.

then i finished working out and took a niiiice looong shower, went back to the dining hall and ate more crappy food (pizza bagels and chicken nuggets. and more soggy granola. can you guess my main entree right now?)

then i went to starbucks and finished my homework and got about an inch of my friend's christmas present done.

now i'm gonna go to bed cuz i have an 8am class.

God is good.


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