Sep 5, 2010

Vacation is over, i'm ready for school now...

So the visit to the fam was nice. Ready to go home, though.

back to school, that is.

have to do this weird assignment for my science class, and i don't really understand it. hope i get an explanation before it's late...otherwise i'm screwed.

and i have a tour tomorrow for a book i haven't read. imma try to read as much as i can, and then post the review a few days later or something.


i got some chocolate today, too :D AND omg a new bikini. they were on sale at target, and i got a really pretty floral one and a little swim dress to go with it. i'm technically not allowed to wear bikinis, but if i wear a shirt or something with them, its ok.

which is good, because that's the only thing that fits. my boobs are a small, my waist is an extra small, my butt is an extra large, and my torso is a long. what one piece or tankini fits that?


so bikini with a swim dress or shirt it is.

so. tomorrow im gonna meet my ride at the beach, and the family and i are gonna swim for a while, then we'll leave. YAY! for going home to college.

i miss college.

my criminal justice teacher's birthday is on monday. i'm making her a starwars scarf (because she likes starwars) and giving her a cool card that sings the starwars song. and some starwars pens. because i'm awesome like that. and every cjs teacher who runs ten miles at five in the morning needs a chewbacca scarf...right?



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