Jun 10, 2011

Things girls should know about guys

I'm sort of collecting these. Boys, if you have any to add, please leave a comment ;)

  1. watching you smile is like the best thing in the world. especially if we made you smile.
  2. you girls understand non-verbal stuff but we really don't. so please don't drop hints because we won't get them.
  3. don't obsess about your body. we don't notice if you're a size three or a size seven.
  4. girls… your dad scares me.
  5. food is so important. beauty fades but good cooking only gets better. we're smart enough to know that.
  6. don't wear immodest clothing and then get mad when we have trouble paying attention to your face.
  7. we know when we're lost and we'll ask for directions. otherwise we know we can handle it. please don't bug us.

1 comment:

Alphonse said...

Debating meaningless topics such as, how many sides a circle has, is a game for us, don't take it too seriously.

This is one of my mom's pet peeves. She works with engineers then comes home to engineers... and a sword smith. While my brother and I could argue for an hour on how many sides are in a circle, she can't take 10 minutes of it.

PS. My brother claims 7 sides, but he never defined his coordinate system so top/bottom left/right have no meaning on a totally symmetric shape. There is the inside and the outside, and I might give up front/back, but that still requires a defined coordinate system. (turns out my brothers entire argument consists of "you are wrong" just to see how long I would defend my point)