Jun 30, 2011

boy oh boy oh boy

well, if staying up until 1am talking to a boy on the phone is on my bucket list, I can check that one off.

and I only left because my phone was dying. (mutters to herself about her stupid phone battery).

this is so surreal. I only know him because I posted a request for text messages and my phone number on my facebook status one day while I was bored. we've never even met each other. my mom was so surprised when she found that out.

I wrote him a really long letter today… almost 2000 words saying a lot of stuff I have trouble saying out loud. for those of you who know me, you know I have a hard time talking.

he said he was going to talk to my dad when he comes up. (which won't be this weekend because something came up.)

going to go to the library and knit mittens today. I want to make mittens to sell at my dad's shop over the school year so I can make some money back home.

that was a desperate attempt to get off the subject. it didn't work very well…

today at the coffee shop I ordered a peppermint hot chocolate over ice, and I think they gave me an iced coffee with peppermint in it. but I dind't have time to wait for them to re-make it because I was very nearly late for work because I was talking to mom about John…

sigh. subject changes aren't working.

anyway I saw one of my friends, my awesome librarian-local actor-facebook buddy while I was there and she basically said she has a spot for me in a play. we'll see what happens there.

okay. I'm going to go fold laundry.

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