Jun 21, 2011

John. I think thats the name i gave him.

So here's the thing: he's been talking (texting) me for a week or so. He called me tonight. He seemed really interested in me, and by that i mean comfortably and friend wise, not sexually. (ok he did compliment my picture on facebook but that was it. and he claims i make him tongue tied.)
We talked for an hour and a half. He wants to call me tomorrow. I feel like i'm rushing into this. But we're just friends, right? So what am i rushing into?

Okay, i keep reading my list and thinking "yes...yes...probably...yeah...i think so..." and it's just a little intimidating.

Take it easy, em, and cool it.
I get worked up easy. We're nothing. Just friends. i hope that's what we are. At least, i think thats what i hope.

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