Jun 12, 2011

Day 2:
Went on a run at 5:30am, a walk with sis at 8, drove around the town, made cupcakes, took a nap, went on the beach and sat in the sand for a while and thought about mermaids (what? Future novel? No...) collected shells for a necklace, walked down to an ice cream parlour with my name as the store name (which was a surprisingly surreal experiance) and went home and am now laying in bed missing the stillness and the crispness of the mountains i call my home.

School is a perpetual vacation. I desperately want to go back.

Jace texted me yesterday. Told me we were both doing a very bad job of staying in touch. He wants me to write him a nice long email. I know i'll try to keep it shortt, but i might scare him off again...

I miss him. and his hugs.

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